CVE  cven081013_mainSet back and relax as we bring you live jazz, funk, and soul in and around Atlanta. Enjoy and download the bi-weekly podcast “Infinite Rhythms” where we bring you the best in independent jazz, funk, and soul from Atlanta, the U.S. and around the world. Let the hot and cool sounds of jazz soothe your soul, in other words sit back, chill and experience the vibe.

infinitethythms081013_mainThe Hot 6/Infinite Rhythms music podcast was established in November 2008 to help showcase independent music highlighting the jazz, funk and soul styles. It also satisfies my love for music and the “musicologist” in me. Chillvibexp is honored to have been chosen two years in a row to serve on the Nominations Committee for this year’s SoulTracks Readers’ Choice Awards.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Hey,

    Thanks for the support & its really good to see people blogging about some real music around the world…

    I look forward to checking out the next top 6…

    + also got some jazz/funk stuff from our side of the world if your interested in checking it out…

    Peace from Sydney Australia

  2. you sound like someone who really knows how to have a noce evening. where are the good spots with great music like you’ve downloaded. love love keep sharing do you also have a face book,twitter , myspace i love good mucic and good artist

  3. hi my name is ian

    Nice blog, I appreciate your effort to build this blog

    Can I put my blog on blogroll? I’m the owner of jazz-addict.com, it’s new but I’m doing the best I can to make it better. You can contact me on musicaddictguy(at)hushmail.com thanks

    • Not a problem, love your music. If you have anything you want me to include in the future be sure to send it my way.

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