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Funnin with some Drum N Bass N Jazz. Playlist:1.Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado – Bassnectar2.Nebulizer – Nils Petter Molvaer3. Mirage – Creeper4. Last Match – Ingo Gabriel 5. Lava – Creeper6. The Ballad For Seven – Dawid Szczesny



Music for your late night chill out sessions. Real slow and easy. Playlist:1. 4 Page Letter ft Nikko Soul – AFTA2. Aestrid -Tom Fahy 3. Alone In Solitude – David Walmsley4. Open Mind – Mark Koch 5. Ballad of Your Smile – Shigeki Kawahara 6. Mad Nights – Darrius Willrich



Back to my favorate time of year and the Atlanta Jazz Festival is one of those events that I look forward to each spring. This year’s 2010 AJF will include such artists as, Marcus Miller, Kathleen Bertrand, Spyro Gyra, Stanley Clarke,  Diane Schuur and Jason Marsalis, among many more. This podcast is inspired by the spirit of the Atlanta Jazz Festival. Two of the tracks in this podcast were included for fans of “The Britton Brothers Band” and “Michael Musillami Trio”. I’ve noticed that these two groups were searched for on my site. I followed up on the search and discovered some great music from both bands. Give me shout if there is a group that you would like to hear in the podcast I’ll see if they have some material that I can include, or if you are a group and would like for me to play your songs, feel free to send them to me as well.Enjoy and support live music whenever you can. Peace.Playlist:1. Extra Fuzz-The Britton Brothers Band2. Gringo Flamenco – Montana Skies- 3. King Alok – Michael Musillami Trio4. Old Tea – Michael Musillami Trio5. SevenSteps – The Adrian Ash Group6. Oleo – The Adrian Ash Group



Part two of the Braided Bodies saga….In typical male fashion we’ll keep the descriptions short and let the music speak for itself. Don’t worries ladies we love you. Braided Bodies the artwork is by Loving Earth found on flickr. Enjoy.Playlist:1. Love It – Bilal2. Used To Be – Erik Bjorn3. Don’t – Otis Lee4. Forever – J Soul5. Can’t Wait – Marcell6. The Highways Of My Life (Pts.1 & 2) – Zo! feat. Darien Brockington.



In this podcast is some fantastic music featuring an all female lineup. We start with an upbeat track from Teeda Moses from her latest release “Royal Patience”. Chinablac lends her beautiful voice on Jazzy Jeff track, so you know it’s going to be a head nodder.  Yahzarah hit us with an high NRG selection entitled “Why Dontcha Call Me No More” check it out. We catch out breath with Sway from Dena Tayor and move into Transitions from the talented Julie Dexter. We finish the set with a new release from Keke Wyatt, entitled Who Knew.Braided Bodies….I’ll leave that to your imagination, this would be the female side. Braided Bodies pt.2 will complete the other half. We’ll have all the fellas on that one. Braided Bodies the artwork is by Loving Earth found on flickr. Enjoy.Playlist:1. Kisses Never Taste So Sweet – Teedra  Moses2. Touch Me With Your Handz – DJ Jazzy Jeff Feat. Chinahblac3. Why Dontcha Call Me No More – Yahzarah4. Sway – Dena Taylor5. Transitions – Julie Dexter6. Who Knew – KeKe Wyatt



(From the Smithsonian website) “Jazz Appreciation Month is every April” “The museum launched JAM in 2001 as an annual event that pays tribute to jazz both as a historic and living American art form. It has since grown to include celebrations in all 50 states and 40 countries.” There are various events going on in your city or state that you should seek out. Here at the Chill Vibe Experience we bring you the “JAM Edition” of The Hot 6. Hope you enjoy. Playlist. 1. Gangsterism On Canvas -Jason Moran2. Gangsterism On Stages(excerpt) -Jason Moran3. Another One Excerpt -Jason Moran4. Sad Is This Song – David Walmsley5. Highway 14 – Alan_Pasqua6. Resolution – The Adrian Ash Group



Playlist: 1. Unknown2. The_Demon – Violent_Public_Disorderaz3. Throw Ups – Soul Litchfield4. Funky Struttin-Shigeki Kawahara5. The One – Guilty Pleasures6. Black Magic Woman (instrumental) – Jose Carlos



Playlist: 1.Kevin_Robinson_Ensemble_Featuring_Vocalist_Kim_Walker-The_GOD_Factor2. Visions3. lionel_loueke_soul_sound4. Anceris.Just’A’funk.mp35. foot_under_foot – Jason Moran6. Dennis_Warrens_Full_Metal_Revolutionary_Jazz_Ensemble-Event_120401b



Playlist: 1. Ain’t Done Yet – Mwalim 2. BeYourMan – Jaspects 3. Holding You, Loving You – Zo! 4. Now -King Britt feat Astrid Suryanto 5. Crazy You – Zo! feat. Sy Smith 6. Love Like Mine – Joanna McPhail



Love Is…..!? Love Is different things to different people. Many of us don’t know what love is, but we do know what love isn’t. I’m interested in what you think love is. I picked some of these songs with how I feel about love. From “Find My Way to Love” which we all must first do, to “My Flame” which is the nervious feeling deep in my heart for my baby. “Smokin'” is how you feel when you see your woman wear “that dress”, fellas you know the one that make you say Gat Dam as she slowly comes down the stairs or in the room. This one is for you and someone close to you. Remember support local music where you are. Until next time be easy. Playlist:1. Find My Way To Love (Chantae Cann) – Jaspects 2. My Flame feat. Phonte – Zo! 3. Smokin – Paulo Pereira Quintett 4. Lastlove – Mirko Fait 5. I Wish You Love – Dave Stryker 6. You – Sheena Marie



Beginning the year with some straight up jazz tracks.Playlist:1. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy – The Adrian Ash Group2. When Johnny Comes Marching Home – Darren Heinrich Trio3. Road Through the Wall pt. 1 – Arnold Cheatam 4. On the Tracks (Tribute to John Coltrane) – Kevin Robinson Ensemble featuring vocalist Kim Walker5. Snake Stance– Jason Moran6. Remember When – Unknown



Music for you to chill out with when you’re out late or relaxing at home. Something different from the boom, boom you’ve been listening to for the past few hours. Thanks to all the support in 2009 and l look forward to 2010. Playlist:1. Isley Brothers – Footsteps in the Dark (King Britt Scuba Mix).2. Black Einstein – It’s Whatever ft Baby Sol3. Ferdinand Jones – Nature Boy4. Jesse Boykins III – I Care 4 You5. Jaspects – 2012 featuring Janelle6. Nicolay feat Carlitta Durand – Lose Your Way



A couple of weeks ago, Cuneiform Records held a free download week on “All About Jazz”.If you missed it, these are the tracks from that download, all except for the last listing. Enjoy.Playlist:1. She Haunts Me – ErgoFrom: Multitude, SolitudeCuneiform Records2. South Central L.A. Kulture – Wadada Leo SmithFrom: Spiritual DimensionsCuneiform Records3. Where’s the Captain? – ZeviousFrom: After the Air RaidCuneiform Records4. Hide – Jason Adasiewicz’s RolldownFrom: VarmintCuneiform Records5. The February Train – Beat Circus6. Retrograde – Jason Moran



I like being around the beach if you couldn’t tell. Playlist: Nautilus – Nicolay Water – Nils Petter Molvaer Sailing – Tom Woodruff Downtown – Mike Georgin Kiss My Jazz – Violent Public Disorderaz Musilosophy – Crystal White



Playlist: 1. Available (Unavailable Pt. 2)- Ricky B Musiq 2. You Kissed Me – Lo Carter 3. Lyvation – Ubiquity Productions 4. Just So You Know – Cinnamon Brown 5. You Sooo – Papo 6. Sincere Feat. Yahzarah – The Foreign Exchange


Playlist: 1. Pentatonicism – Simon C.F. Yu 2. Ypsilanti – 14KT 3. Shoo-B-Doop And Cop Him – Betty Davis 4. As The Wheel Turns (Instrumental)- Nicolay Kay 5. Warm Summer Nights (King Britt Scuba Mix)- Chic 6. A Better Place (Faze Action Remix) – Victor_Davies


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