FunkBox 003 – Funk à la carte

It’s been said that funk doesn’t exist anymore in this age of music. I say it’s just harder to find you just have to know where to look. In Funk à la carte I’ll present a variety of funky styles, hence the “à la carte” title.  Hopefully there is something in  here to satisfy your funky appetite, a little something for everyone. We have 70’s and 80’s styles, instrumental, hip-hop and jazz funk,  mashups and remixes  Enjoy.

FunkBox 003 – Funk à la carte

Tracklist curated by Christopher Williams aka C-DUB
1. Digital Lover – The APX
2. Forever Loved (Short Mix) – LANDR
3. Don’t Pass On Her (Radio Mix) – Paris Ford
4. Jupiter (Instrumental) – The APX
5. Shadow Funkin – DOC Mastermind
6. Ascension (Kaidi Tatham Remix) – Darkhouse Family
7. Dinner Guests – Spekulation
8. Devil’s Got the Gun – Spekulation
9. Love Somebody (Featuring Laura Reed) – Big Ol Nasty Getdown
10. Bahrain Funk – DJ Jazzy Jeff
11. P A N T H E R – Run Bass
12. Laid Law (chillvibexp extended mix)- Zephire

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