Soul@Seven007 – Infinite Rhythms Music Podcast ​​​​​​​​​​​​ (Free Download)


1.  The Sixth Superstition by Amerigo Gazaway
2.  Summer Madness (Rhythm Scholar Remix) by Kool & The Gang
3.  Summertime (Mick + Chi Duly 2017 Remix) by Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
4.  Summer Cool by Carolyn Malachi
5.  Beyond The Years by Diggs Duke
6.  Lyrics Of Pleasure by Eric Roberson & Will Downing
7.  Shelter by Lyves
8.  Love Is A Battlefield by Maysa
9.  Lost In Music (Don Dayglow Edit) by Sister Sledge
10.  Underneath My Skin by Toni Redd
11.  Treading Water by Syd
12.  Felicity by Walter Christopher



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