ATL Untapped vol.1 – Infinite Rhythms Music Podcast ​​​​​​​​​​​​ (Free Download)


One of my reasons I started this blog and various podcasts was to expose the plethora of good music in the underrepresented Jazz, Funk, and Soul genres. The music of many of these independent artists, musicians, labels, re-mixers, etc is buried behind the narrow view of commercial music and radio. It’s been a while since I’ve focus exclusivity on the wealth of music coming out of Atlanta, so I’m doing that with these next two podcasts. Hope you enjoy.

Big ups to Chris Christian for allowing original us of this image.
Prismatic Spray by Felipe Pantone




1 Play 2 Win by Derrick Jackson ft. Taylor Tinsley
2 ATL by Ryan Kilgore
3 Chevelle Lane by Ken Ford
4 World Called Groove by Gurufish
5 Stalk You Avery Sunshine by Avery Sunshine
6 I Never Wanna Leave by Vedo
7 Hurts Like Hell by Fleetwood CoupDaville Aka Kooda Rang Dang
8 Love by Sonya Mcguire
9 Heaven’s Design by Alex Lattimore



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