Amour Carnaval – Infinite Rhythms Music Podcast

Love should be shown and given everyday, Valentines Day should just be a turbo boost. That being said I give the 2017 Valentines edition of Infinite Rhythms. Included are musical styling from Robert Damper feat. Kenny G and  B.J. The Chicago Kid. We have spoken word from the Brown-Eyed Soul Man himself Marcus Taylor and a remake of one of my favorite 80’s jams “Love Come Down”.

We begin things off by with some thought provoking poetry by Ms. Alicia Dawn



Been on countless dates, searching.. Met many men and wonder.. Even gave my number to some… yet I still look for you.

I vibe with a few.. laughed with a lot…
Even had deep thought provoking conversations..
But I still look for you

I’m learning to put me before any
Love me before many
Curve the ones that don’t mean plenty
And I still look for you

My heart reaches and swells Aches and
Beats erratically… Off rhythm
Off kilter..
Searches, yearns and wants

Searches, yearns and wants..



…only you

~~AliciaDawn 1/2/17

1. Feels So Good – Robert Damper Feat. Kenny G And Skyler Jett
2. Vanessa Del Rio/Dulcinea – Big La vs. Todd x Brown-Eyed Soul Man
3. Make Love – B.J. The Chicago Kid
4. 4 Am – Ruth Koleva
5. Prior To You – Leon Timbo
6. Heart Of Gold – Alex Jonsson
7. Love Come Down – Noah Slee
8. Love – Oya
9. See Her As A Queen – Taylor Musik
10. Isn’t She Lovely – Pietro Postorino






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