Evolution 006 – Infinite Rhythms Music Podcast ​​​​​​​​​​​​ (Free Download)

1. Butter Theory – Stay Classy
2. Blue Avenue – Jazz Liberatorz
3. All-Purpose Remedy for Indescribable Emotional Discomfort – Rick Parker and Li Daiguo
4. Vortexploration (Interlude) – Telekinetic Walrus and The Pride of Ions
5. Jazz In Motion – Yusef Rumperfield
6. Planet – Eric St-Laurent
7. Sugar Free (feat. Uziel) – Arun Shenoy
8. Spanish Joint w/Eric Krasno (D’Angelo cover) (Live) – The Soul Rebels
9. Butter RMX – DJ Day
10. ‘Scuse Me Miss (Aroop Roy edit) – George Duke
11. The Piano District (Gentrification Boogie) – Little Shalimar
12. Love & Heat  (Black Byrd’s Revenge) – Shaolin Jazz



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