Soul​@​Seven 002 – Infinite Rhythms Music Podcast ​​​​​​​​​​​​ (Free Download)

July is a good time month full of celebration, sunshine, and good time feelings. They is a mix of old school and new school that tries to tap into the old school feeling we had back in the day.


1. I Can’t Help It (King Most Re direction) – Stevie Wonder
2. We Dance (Club Radio Mix – James Day & Maysa
3. Everybody Dance KON REWORK – Shiek
4. Can’t Stop The Feeling (King Most Redirection) – Justin Timberlake
5. Perfect (House Funk Remix) – Mystic Merlin
6. Can’t Turn Around (Nicolay’s Houstyle Takeover Mix) -The Foreign Exchange
7. Dilemma My Baby- Aaron Camper
8. Everything – Nicholas Ryan Gant



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