Visual Rhythms – (v.21)

In this version of Visual Rhythms we begin with some funk from down-under with the band Gang of Brothers from Australia. Shouts out to Soul of Sydney for exposing me to this group. In the middle we have videos from the beautiful songstress Dominique Toney, Casey Abrams with the Postmodern Jukebox, and one of my absolute favorite musicians Jesse Fisher. We end this playlist with a bouncy house track from the Foreign Exchange.

1. One More Round – Gang of Brothers @GangOfBrothers
2. We Are – Dominique Toney @domtoney
3. I’m Not the Only One (Style Sam Smith Cover) – Postmodern Jukebox ft. Casey Abrams @PMJofficial @Casey_AbramsAI
4. Nomads – Jesse Fischer feat. Leon “Foster” Thomas @JesseFischer
5. Asking For A Friend – The Foreign Exchange @FEofficial


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