Infinite Rhythms – Music Podcast ver​​​​​​​​​​​.​​​​​​​​​​​117 Bloom (Free Download)

So we are coming up on my favorite time of year. Spring has sprung and I couldn’t be happier. I’m looking forward to the Sunshine and the Sun Rays to shine down on two kinds of Flowers(z) so that they will Bloom real pretty. Then I’m going to catch some more Sunshine and act Refined so I can enjoy my Good Wine in the Springtime. All that She Wants is to meet me at the Corner. I’m Lovin’ the spring smells and I Want You ‘Til the Summertime, meanwhile I’m chillin’ with a drink listening to A King’s Speech. Now that’s how I like to start the spring!

1. Sunshine – Sleeping Giant
2. Sun Rays – Amin Payne
3. Flowers –  Moderator
4. Flowerz – Ben Jamin
5. Bloom  – Brenda Nicole Moorer
6. Sunshine/Refined – The Stuyvesants
7. Good Wine – IAMNOBODI
8. Springtime – L.A.M.P
9. ATSW – Basecamp
10. Corner – Sidewalk Chalk
11. Lovin – SmokedBeat
12.  I Want You ‘Til The Summertime (Album Instrumental) –  Yasiin Gaye
13. A King’s Speech Part I – SmokedBeat

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