Isn’t it time that we STFU?

I have felt this way for years!!!!




Now, in the following post (or rant I guess you could call it), I am addressing a certain type of individual, which may or may not be you. In fact, I’m pretty sure that it’s directed at only a minority of people who will actually read it. If it is addressing you, then please answer the questions posed, we genuinely want some insight. If it isn’t (and you will figure out whether it is or not before the end of the first line), please continue to read anyway, as I am sure you will empathise with the sentiment. So…


Why, oh why, do you insist on talking loudly during live performances?

No really, I am seriously asking the question.

I simply cannot understand why you would leave your house, attend a gig, pay good money to enter and then proceed to talk – loudly – over the live…

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