Infinite Rhythms – Music Podcast ver​​​​​.​​​​​105 The Atlanta Stage

In this post we are showcasing music and artists from the ATL, Atlanta, GA for those who don’t know. We have a little gospel soul, some smooth jazz, some straight up jazz, and music in between all of that. Most of these artist have a ReverbNation page, so go check them out and support.

1. Beautiful – Sonya McGuire
2. Easy Does It – Gary Harris
3. Secret Garden – Jody Mayfield
4. Blue Black Skin – LotusLove
5. Blah Blah Blah – Nahjai Soul
6. Be Thou my Vision – Ron James
7. Five Fingers Of Formless Funk – AcidJazzGuitarist
8. Boy From Ipanema – Alan & Lita Blake
9. Shadow Man – Stephen Wood Music
10. Tenderly – Canda


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