Infinite Rhythms – Music Podcast # 97 RisingStar

IMG-20130308-00233I dedicate this first track to my former co-worker and future hit songwriter C.Smith, who got a publishing deal with a major and moved back out to L.A. I expect big things out of you boi.


1. City Of Angels – Austin Brown
2. Poetic Justice (Terrace Martin Sax Mix) – Terrace Martin
3. Sweet Love – Jess Mills
4. Twin Peaks-Alice Russell
5. Forecast – Aaron Ab Abernathy
6. The Truth. – Charles Hammond Jr.
7. Impro.. (L33 Refix) – D’Angelo
8. Novacane (LAKIM Edit) – Frank Ocean
9 Othello Woolf – Odysseus
10. Dirty (Original) –  Tortured Soul
11. Belong To You – Summer Williams
12. Trouble – Tweet


One thought on “Infinite Rhythms – Music Podcast # 97 RisingStar

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