Infinite Rhythms – Music Podcast ver​​​​.​​​​87 Summer Slow Down

A Little something from Nikki Speaks:

ENDURE. Today is not the day you quit. Nor is it the day you cry.
For your finish line is much, much closer than your starting block………
You can be the victor with Supernatural stamina;
He is an “undefeated” competitor but, in your own strength, you will faint………

Refuse to lose, Nikki
Copyright 2005 Nikki Roberts/Steelerfunk: All rights reserved

1. Other Worldy feat. Kim Hill – DJ DUMMY
2. Damn Sista -Future Remix – Jarrard Anthony
3. Caviar Dream- Tere$▲jenee
4. More To a Kiss – Wish
5. Lucille Ghatti – North Hollywood
6. Supernova – Emeson
7. Proceed -Tweet
8. Beautiful Struggle – Charles Hammond Jr
9. Steelo – The Stuyvesants Remix
10. Feel – Recordbreakin
11. Jazz Addiction – Slakah the Beatchild


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