Tupac Live in 3D!! – A World of Possibilities.

I know that this is mostly a blog that doesn’t feature rap and hip hop, but the point of this posting is not about the content but about the technology. If you haven’t seen it yet, what you are about to witness is a 3D hologram of Tupac live in concert, not on the video screen but onstage. This is the first that I have seen of such technology  full size and without the appearance of flicker.  Now imagine if we could bring other artists back. Imagine Miles Davis playing Tutu live along side Marcus Miller, or Frank Sinatra signing with live band, Teddy Pendergrass upright again or God forbid a full Micheal Jackson back on stage. Imagine a worldwide concert in which artists are on different Continents but appear on the same stage in different areas of the world. I don’t know what or who is behind  technology, but the possibilities are endless.

and for the record Long Live Tupac!!!


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