Infinite Rhythms – Music Podcast ver​​​​​​.​​​​​​74 MADCRAZYSEXYLOVE

Now is a good time to introduce the words and works of Nikki R. A love poem to go with this Valentine edition of Infinite Rhythms. MADCRAZYSEXYLOVE is not just for Valentine’s it’s good for anytime of the year. Enjoy.


We walked to a private park

and lingered there

beneath the expectant clouds

and sapphire sky

The warm breeze encircled

his fixed, undeniable gaze

wafting magnetism through the

clement spring night.

Eyes, narrowed with unspoken pleas

seemed to search the core of me

as he ingested the sultry air

and asked for…a second chance.

 -Nikki Roberts


1. Best For Me (feat Tyler James) – Amy Winehouse
2. Without My Heart (feat David Simmons) – Full Crate
3. My Everything (Ahmed Ballad Remix) – Lalah Hathaway
4. Angel – LoVel James
5. B4 The Night Is Thru (Syd the Kyd RMX) -Jesse Boykins III
6. A Love Song for Midori – Henry Franklin
7. Move Love (feat King) – Robert Glasper Experiment
8. Long Slow Walk – Doc Samuels
9. Playing Your Game, Baby (feat. Anthony David) – Zo!
10. Tenderly – Solitaire Miles
released 11 February 2012
Photo credit: Bride And Groom Dancing by photostock

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