Infinite Rhythms – Music Podcast ver​.​55 – Reflections

June is Black Music Month in the United States. This podcast is inspired by Black Music Month which is really Black Music Year, since most pop music is black music or inspired by black music… but I digress. I bring to you Reflections.

As a side note be sure to check out the “Unsung” series on TVOne, for and historical perspective on some of our favorite artists.

1. Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)
2. Suck in You – Black
3. Love Rain (Gotta remix) – Jill Scott
4. Soulclap (Nicolay remix) – United Soul ft Yahzarah and Phonte
5. Holla – Colonel Red
6. Finer Things In Life – Oliver DaySoul
7. I Can See (Kebomusic Remix) – Jazzanova
8. Left and Right (Sam Champ Remix)- D’Angelo
9. Journey To Love – Tawana Lael
10. Take it Slow – Adrienne Mack-Davis
11. Perception (Sam Champ remix) – Electric Wire Hustle
12. Unbelievable – KeKeWyatt
13. Think of You (Sam Champ remix) -Usher


One thought on “Infinite Rhythms – Music Podcast ver​.​55 – Reflections

  1. Yet another great podcast with a little bit of everything for anyone that decides to listen. Keep doing your thing Chill Vibe!!!

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