Infinite Rhythms – Music Podcast ver​.​54 – The Atlanta Stage

In years past, the Atlanta Jazz Festival would have locals stage in addition to the main stage, so you could hear local artists from the Atlanta area. I don’t know if they will have the stage this year, but in tribute to the local stage in years past, this podcast will feature artists from the Atlanta area simply called “The Atlanta Stage”

1. Come On Home – JulieDexter
2. 12 Yours – PJ Morton
3. Sunshine (Ananse Mix) – Avery Sunshine
4. In The A.M. – Brien Andrews
5. Natural High – GroovProject
6. Costa Biscaya – Jae Franklin
7. Words feat. India Arie – Anthony David
8. Lake Shore Drive – Doc Samuels
9. Hide Away (BusCrates 16-bit Ensemble Remix) – Dezaray Dawn
10. Reality Check – Mychael
11. When We Make Love – Shawn Vokals
12. Preston Shinall – Tidal One


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