Jazz and the New Generation – The Wonder Pets Save the Cool Cat & the Hip Hippo!

So I’m hanging with my 8 month old twins watching one of our favorite shows, The Wonder Pets. I was very delighted with this particular episode entitled “The Wonder Pets Save the Cool Cat & the Hip Hippo!”, A Jazz related episode in which a Scat singing cat and Bop singing Hippo trade singing styles on stage.

What has made so happy is that here is a TV show aimed at pre-school aged children talking about an art form that is at times hanging on a few strings, and teaching them about two forms jazz singing. Most older folks don’t understand the difference between scat and bop singing and the show creators are exposing very young children to it, and for the I given them much Kudos for that.

The Jazz genre will continue to survive as long as part of our new generation are exposed to it, and this episode has done it part in doing that. If you get chance you should try a catch the episode on Nick Jr. Don’t worry if you don’t have young kids to use as an excuse to look at Nick Jr., I won’t think of you any differently.

As a side note this was one of Eartha Kitt’s final performances before she passed in late 2006. “Wonder Pets Returns with One of Kitt’s Final Performances”, and check here to educate yourself more about scat and bop singing.


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