The Hot 6 –April. 2010 vol. 27 – Jazz Appreciation Month, JAM Edition

(From the Smithsonian website)
“Jazz Appreciation Month is every April”
“The museum launched JAM in 2001 as an annual event that pays tribute to jazz both as a historic and living American art form. It has since grown to include celebrations in all 50 states and 40 countries.”

There are various events going on in your city or state that you should seek out. Here at the Chill Vibe Experience we bring you the “JAM Edition” of The Hot 6. Hope you enjoy.
1. Gangsterism On Canvas -Jason Moran
2. Gangsterism On Stages(excerpt) -Jason Moran
3. Another One Excerpt -Jason Moran
4. Sad Is This Song – David Walmsley
5. Highway 14 – Alan_Pasqua
6. Resolution – The Adrian Ash Group


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