The Hot 6 – Feb. 2010 vol. 23 – Love Is….!?

Love Is…..!? Love Is different things to different people. Many of us don’t know what love is, but we do know what love isn’t. I’m interested in what you think love is. I picked some of these songs with how I feel about love.

Love I....!?From “Find My Way to Love” which we all must first do, to “My Flame” which is the nervous feeling deep in my heart for my baby. “Smokin'” is how you feel when you see your woman wear “that dress”, fellas you know the one that make you say Gat Dam as she slowly comes down the stairs or in the room. This one is for you and someone close to you. Remember support local music where you are. Until next time be easy.

1. Find My Way To Love (Chantae Cann) – Jaspects
2. My Flame feat. Phonte – Zo!
3. Smokin – Paulo Pereira Quintett
4. Lastlove – Mirko Fait
5. I Wish You Love – Dave Stryker
6. You – Sheena Marie


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