The Hot 6 ver.19 – November 2009 – The Votrex

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A couple of weeks ago, Cuneiform Records held a free download week on “All About Jazz“.
If you missed it, these are the tracks from that download, all except for the last listing. Enjoy.

1. She Haunts Me – Ergo
From: Multitude, SolitudeCuneiform Records
2. South Central L.A. Kulture – Wadada Leo Smith
From: Spiritual DimensionsCuneiform Records
3. Where’s the Captain? – Zevious
From: After the Air RaidCuneiform Records
4. Hide – Jason Adasiewicz’s Rolldown
From: VarmintCuneiform Records
5. The February Train – Beat Circus
6. Retrograde – Jason Moran


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