Passing of a Legend

Earlier this year I had written a post about Dr. James West and how his invention of the cardioid microphone had influenced the recording industry and the media industry in general.

Les with Gibson

Les with Gibson

On August 13, 2009 Les Paul passed away and his invention of the electric guitar and multitrack recording has had an effect on the recording industry that can’t be measured. It goes a little like this:
1. Invented the electric guitar
2. Innovated the multitrack recording technique
3. Innovated “close miking” technique
4. Had a hand in the multitrack recorders built by Ampex
5. Ampex in turn also built invented video recorders used by the TV/video industry. Also Les did not have a direct involved with the video machines, the impetus of their design was based off the multitrack audio record recording decks he helped designed.

For more reading on Wikpedia:

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