The Hot 6 – vol.10 May 2009 – Post Atlanta Jazz Festival

Inspired by the recent Atlanta Jazz Festival, which featured more local artists from the Atlanta area, this podcast features all Atlanta artist except one.
I love local artists. The only difference between the local artist and a national artist, is that the rest of the world has yet to discover what we already know. Hope you enjoy and always take is easy and support local music wherever you are.

– Christopher

Click this link to check it out:
The Hot 6 ver. 10 – May 2009 – Click to play

1. Atlanta Jazz Is – Kemba Cofield
2. Runnin Out of Time/Simples – dNessa
3. Can’t Hold Me Down – East Ponce Soul Faction
4. Bantu – Scott_Amendola_Band
5. Fallin remix – Jaspect ft. Senor Kaos
6. Funky Chick – East Ponce Soul Faction.

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