The Hot 6 – vol.9 May 2009 – Atlanta Jazz Festival Edition

From National Jazz Appreciation Month in April to the Atlanta Jazz Festival during May, this is a good time of year for jazz music, especially here in Atlanta. You can find information about the Atlanta Jazz Festival here. Another good venue to check if you like jazz in the park is Wind Down Wednesday’s in Centennial Park. I bring you another straight ahead jazz jam in this podcast. Take is easy and support local music wherever you are.


The Hot 6 – ver.9 May 09

1. Darren Heinrich Trio – Lunar.
2. Ahmad Alaadeen – The Burning Sand.
3. Don Preston Trio – Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbeque.
4. Jason Parker Quartet – Bashert.
5. Ben Britton Band – My Home.
6. Mark Dresser – Aperitivo (with Denman Maroney).

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