A Really Good Documentary Look at the State of Music – Before the Music Dies

I love Hulu.com for many reasons but the other day I viewed a documentary about the modern music industry, none of which was a surprise to me. I generally think of the large record labels as slow, lethargic, non-innovative and not really caring about the music or artists, and mainstream radio as boring waste of time after the 1st hour of listening to it. After all the the DJ/Radio Personality or whatever doesn’t get to choose there own music, in most cases, the same playlist of 20 songs in handed down to them from high above. All they provide is the nice voice, “the personality” to go with it.

Finding music from the internet has been a refuge for me. It been a why to find new music from artists I’ve never heard of. New styles, new types, I actually feel like I’m in the know way above anyone who just listens to commercial radio. I think people like myself both consume and produce music in some form simply for the love of music, hence my particular podcast. Through podcasting and the internet in general, you can find many different forms and combination of music that would never get put on radio that way it is done in the internet universe.

Take a view and tell me what you think.
Before-The-Music-Dies – Full Documentary

Segment about the new media, podcasting, and alternative outlets for music.

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