The Hot 6 – vol. 6 – March 2009

I decided to do something a bit different this time a broadcast what is really my 1st podcast using PodOmatic. We’ll see how it goes:-) Anyway we start off with a tune from the Kush Griffith Blues Band. Legendary funk backbone from Parliament/Boosty/ and the J.B.’s, a fun tune “Caption Pee”. Next is a kinetic groove from “Creeper” entitled “Roti Roll”. We get a double take from them with another song called “Ten” with is out 4th selection. “The 8-Ball Is Neutral”, from the “J. Steinkoler Quartet” is a nice straight up jazz piece, again along with “Ten”. “Pru” gives up a easy sounding comfortable song called “183 miles”, and end the set with a retro futuristic groove from ” Bamboo Hustler” called “Ray Gun”. Remember support local music where you are. Until next time be easy.




no_img_100.gifThe 8-Ball Is Neutrall.mp3





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