The Hot 6 – vol. 4 – February 2009

We start off with the Hot Grits offering up “Ruby’s Strut” which has a bit of that classic JB’s sound. Next we move into an upbeat jazz groove found in “Clea’s Bounce” by Jeff Gauthier. We then move into the soul sounds of M.D. West with his “No Matter What” track. You may remember West from American Idol. “Hailstorm” from Jassjive brings the beat back and “Diablo” from Joseph Malik continues to make things hot adding some latin spice to the mix. “Silvana” by Eric von Essen ends the set in traditional jazz fashion. Remember support local music where you are. Until next time be easy.


The Hot 6 – Feb.09 vol. 4


Jeff_Gauthier.jpg02_Jeff_Gauthier Cleas_Bounce






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