107.5 WJZZ Smooth Jazz in Atlanta no more

This just discovered , and as I said before, support local music in your area, and jazz music. 107.5 WJZZ is scheduled to switch formats before the end of January. As most of us jazz fans know, finding  a good outlet to hear jazz music, be it radio or live can sometimes be challenging. In Atlanta that’s not so much the case but if you live in a smaller city, I know it’s problematic.

Given commercial radio is all about the advertising dollar and not about the art of music, commercial jazz radio is usually not even considered when starting a new radio station. Existing stations are always on the bubble. There will be a bit of a void with this station gone, as I know many people who enjoyed the station.  Here in Atlanta we’re lucky. We have jazz 91.9 WCLK- Clark Atlanta still here to listen too, but only because they are a non-commercial station. Thank God for the Internet!!!

Write back and let me know how you feel about the situation.  In the meantime I have a podcast “The Hot 6” that might help ease the loss. It has a bit of jazz, funk, and soul.

Click this link to check it out one out. The whole series is to the right of this page:
The Hot 6 ver. 10 – May 2009 – Click to play

As always be easy.


Here are some articles about the closing.




12 thoughts on “107.5 WJZZ Smooth Jazz in Atlanta no more


  2. I used to love listening to jazz on 107.5 while on the Atlantic Station shuttle…I overheard the driver speaking with another rider about the change, and it made me sad. I don’t listen to a lot of jazz, but it made the ride special, I think. Seeing the Midtown skyline and hearing jazz stirs up something inside of you.

  3. My heart is broken about this change. We needed this station and its smooth Jazz, not another old school station. It’s a sad time in the Atlanta area. It was my primary station. And you are mistaken, getting smooth Jazz in ATlanta is a problem. 91.9 WCLK does not play the same kind of musice; its ok, but it’s not for all Jazz listeners. WE need and still do need WJZZ smooth Jazz. I can not even attempt to listen to 107.5 and its new format. SAD ! SAD! FOR THE ATLANTA JAZZ LISTENERS..

  4. How sad. We loved this station. It really was relaxing and enjoyable. we’ll have to check out 91.9. I don’t like the new format, but I guess it’s too late now.

    • Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, by the time you hear about a station change, it’s already too late to do anything about it. Most of the time you don’t know a station has changed formats until you tune in one day and hear something else.


  5. no creo que alguna estacion de radio pueda tocar la misma musica como 107.5 wjzz es unica y la verdad es algo triste que la quiten.la verdad no estoy de acuerdo es una estacion que no solo toca musica por que si, se encarga de llegar hasta el corazon del radio escucha.

  6. WHYYYYY!!!! Why is this happening??? The decision making “folks” can’t possibly think they are moving in successful direction(s) by taking some of the GREATEST jazz stations off the air. They must be so totally disconnected from Society; to act that UGLY towards the loyal listeners (and there are lots of us)- of jazz music. They are screwing with our soothing processes of the heart and the help in unloading the mind – as a writer, I need all the soothing I can get!

    This is the second time I have ventured out to seek jazz to replenish the soul – being challenged with a little writer’s block – and have bump’d into an announcement – one of my FAVORITE Jazz stations; shutting down, WHY?

    First my hometown station – Smooth Jazz 105.9 (DC), and now 107.5 (ATL) – two HIGHLY effective (and efficient) stations!

    It had always amazed me how I could visit ATL and its Sunrises and Sunsets (my most favorite moments in the day) were just as Super-Sexy as DC. On a Summer evening, I could ride with my sun-roof open, through downtown DC/ATL, taking in the beautiful sights; while I surrounded my senses with the AWESOME rhythmically aligned love being stream’d through 105.9/107.5. Stations that represented the pulse of two most amazing and sexxy cities.

    Are you freakin’ kidding me!? THIS IS SOOO NOT NICE!!!

  7. This Blows….. Im From Venezuela And Since I Left Georgia I Listenes to this station over the internet… it saddens me…

  8. i live up in seattle but from dallas and the jazz stations there are off the air as well
    the music industry is going to hell in a hand basket FAST.
    talentless pop music–with freaky-alternitive lifestyle,digital loser artist is now the norm
    It digusts me to see that folks who have zero talent now get the rewards and benefits
    that those talented musicians worked hard to get.
    Even the young blacks from this new digital generation to me don’t have the funk
    like it was a few years ago.I’m not sayin all–just some.especially rihanna–that
    album sound like madonna and adam lambert produced that CRAP.

  9. We are a non profit organization. In Feb we will be having a Jazz Benefit with help from Jazz for Peace. I would like to send you the information. Can you please contact me and let me know what would be the best way to get this info to you. Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation with this matter. 404-903-8294

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